Today is not the day for worry. In fact, there are no such days.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to create everyday as I explore, dream, and discover the endless joy of life.

My earliest recollections are of growing up in Ireland, in the wonderland of my Nana's clothing factory. The diversity of fabrics, colours and textures inspired my love for the creative arts at an early age. My Nana was the Coco Chanel of Ireland in my child's eyes. My aunt introduced me to the world of theatre and music and the performing arts. As a large family we often travelled to exotic locales in Europe where I developed a love for diverse cultures.  At the age of seven circumstance took our family to a new life in South Africa. The vibrant colours, fragrances and sounds of Africa added a new dimension to my formative years. This passion for people and places is the inspiration for my work.

I am blessed with two amazing children who have grown into caring adults making a difference in the world. Throughout these years my faith in a loving God has been woven into the very fabric of my being. All of these things give me a unique perspective on life and the world, which I bring with me to my new home with my awesome loving husband in Canada.

I strive to capture a uniqueness in the moment, interpreting it in various media. I enjoy creating with ink, watercolor, acrylic, pastels, collage,  mixed media and various metals and wood. I look for the unusual. What is it about a situation that stands out? How can I bring these observations into my art? Every picture tells a story -- of places, people, cultures, and society.

Thank you for taking the time to find about about me and my art.




Art pieces consist of originals and prints. Images are used to create note cards, accent cushions and various other decor accessories.

Subjects range from whimsical portraits to interpretative imaginings of people and places, near and far.

They depict life, hope, nostalgia, joy, humor, introspection and empowerment -- the everyday struggles and joys of life's journey.